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Automatic wire straightening and cutting machines are essential tools utilized in various manufacturing industries for straightening and leveling metallic wires and cables. They play a crucial role in ensuring the quality and precision of wire-based components across industries such as automotive, electronics, and steel fabrication. With the ability to handle a wide range of wire diameters and types, our machines offer flexibility and accuracy in the wire straightening process, ensuring consistent and reliable output for diverse applications.

All the bases of our machines are crafted from a single sheet metal block, with a sturdy 40mm thick supporting sheet, ensuring excellent resistance to vibrations and preventing the wear of screws and bolts at critical points such as the wire pulling area. This solution guarantees a long lifespan for our machines

Our Machineries

All the models produced are available in the version with mechanical cut (HM) and with hydraulic cut (HS_H)

Model HM

With 4 feed rollers, mechanical cutting, and wire feed adjustment up to 130 meters per minute. Enables continuous cutting for very short bars, up to 240 cuts per minute

Model HS

Featuring 12 pulling rollers, flying shear cut, and advancement speeds of up to 200 meters per minute.

Equipped with the automatic groove adjustment device.

The hydraulic flying cut can work with wires with tensile strength up to 1800 N/mm².

The model with flying cut allows the wire to go on during the cut, preventing material hardening points

Macchina raddrizzafilo

HM Model

Four feeding rolls with mechanic cut

HS Model

Equipped with eight feeding rolls and hydraulic flying shear cut


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All our wire straightening machines are guaranteed for 24 months.





Why choose our machineses

High  Feeding Speed


Excellent straightening quality

Quick technical assistance

Low machine noise

High safety tested

Excellent cutting precision

Easy to use machines

Rapid change of diameter

Straightening of short bars or up to 12mt


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Supply of components and spare parts

Thanks to our knowledge of the materials and the steps to be followed in manufacturing, we are able to satisfy any request for spare parts.

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